Haste to the Wedding

Jess Arrowsmith

"Oh shall we be wed?" he said to his love

"Will you do me the honour of marrying me?"

"Oh yes" she replied, "I'm glad that you asked

For I'd had the same thought just this moment you see."

Whether it's warm, whether it's cloudy

We'll drink to their health with a drop of good wine

And we'll all go, haste to the wedding

Whatever the weather come rain or come shine

"But what if it's cold?" she said to her love

"Or there's rain or there's hail or unseasonal snow?"

"Sun will shine," he replied, "In our hearts

On the day that we marry, no matter if stormy winds blow"

"But when we grow old," he said to his love

"Will you still want me then when my hair is all grey?"

"Oh yes" she replied "as it's not for the shade of your hair

That I'm marrying you here today"

So here we all are, to watch as they marry

To celebrate here as the wedding bells ring

We wish them both joy, good health and much happiness

Stand up together and let us all sing.